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7 Benefits of Using Small Data in K-12 Schools

2019-03-13T14:25:19-04:00March 3, 2016|

While big data is a huge deal in today’s business world, small data can make a real and timely impact on the education field. Here's how. by Erin Latham / July 1, 2015  A student takes a class on Raspberry Pi, a credit card-sized single-board computer developed to promote the teaching of basic computer science [...]

Maestro SIS Release 3.8

2017-04-27T04:34:13-04:00January 26, 2016|

The BocaVox dev team has been at it again, and we’re ready to shower our users with yet another round of new updates and features. Our biggest and best ever release will be available this spring. Our focus for Release 3.8 is support for Individualized Learning, which we’ll continue to build out in future releases. This [...]

Maestro SIS Release 3.7

2017-04-27T04:35:10-04:00January 26, 2016|

We are pleased to announce the newest Maestro release 3.7.0, which includes several enhancements and features, including intelligent dashboards, workflow and ledger enhancements. Please let us know what you think of Maestro’s facelift. The new features were derived from employing new technology resulting from our team’s continual drive to innovate, and namely from listening to [...]

Utilizing Technology to Increase Student Retention

2019-03-13T14:25:19-04:00December 29, 2015|

There are many ways in which Technology can increase the odds of course completion, and facilitate overall student satisfaction and success. There are four features that every administrator should insist their School Administrative System Software provide to maximize student retention and student success.

Build vs. Buy – Advantages and Disadvantages of Building your own Student Information System

2019-03-13T14:25:19-04:00December 29, 2015|

Some institutions still choose to develop their own SIS technology even though a Student Information System (SIS) purchased from a qualified software development company is built on the best practices of industry leaders. For those who wish to take that risk, here are some facts that you may have overlooked to help you determine the actual cost involved.

3 Ways a SIS Enhances Blended Learning

2019-03-13T14:25:19-04:00December 29, 2015|

When infusing technology into the core curriculum of the classroom experience, a new world opens up within the classroom. Think of a blended learning program as a microcosm of new opportunities. Suddenly, course offerings explode to unimaginable heights. Students can take a multitude of accelerated or specialized courses at other institutions without leaving the familiarity of their classroom.

Competency-Based Learning: 7 Must-Have Tools

2019-03-13T14:25:19-04:00December 29, 2015|

Defining competency-based learning is complicated by the fact that educators not only use a wide variety of terms for the general approach to teaching, with approaches that may vary widely. There is no single model or universally defined technique for achieving the outcomes. While schools often create their own competency-based programs.

BocaVox LLC Provides New Features and Enhanced Usability for MAESTROSIS Users

2019-03-13T14:25:19-04:00December 29, 2015|

Weston, FL – July, 2014 BocaVox’s skilled software engineers have pulled out all the stops to include 27 new features and over 100 behind-the-scenes tweaks to make Maestro SIS the most comprehensive, best performing student management system ever. Some highlights include New Enrollment Detail Control, Report Card and Transcript Manager, Shopping Cart feature built into [...]

MAESTROSIS – Industry Leading Student Information System Keeps Getting Better!

2019-03-13T14:25:19-04:00December 29, 2015|

Weston, FL – March, 2013 – BocaVox, LLC, developers of MAESTRO SIS, announces release 3.4 of their cloud hosted Student Information System, Maestro SIS, a SaaS solution. BocaVox is known for its practice of reinvesting in new development to fuel ongoing new features and updates to keep Maestro SIS evolving with the dynamically changing education [...]