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Student Information System: Build vs. Buy


The decision “to build or to buy” is an important one that has many variables associated with it. The question may have crossed the minds of your institution’s stakeholders when considering the purchase of a new Student Information System. Some institutions still choose to develop their own SIS, which can result in uncertain outcomes [...]

SIS Flexibility for Managing Hierarchical Institutions


Running a large educational institution with multiple hierarchical levels can be challenging when it comes to managing various colleges, districts, or other organizational types with different ways of operating - including applications/admissions processes, grad requirements, terms, degrees, transcript styles, etc.  Most school districts and institutions of higher education alike have patched together [...]

Trending now – The Simulated Classroom for Virtual Learning


The exponential growth of online schools during the past decade, and the subsequent trend of traditional schools to introduce an online program has taken a new turn. Education is now moving back in the other direction – a sort of Boomerang effect - not returning back to the actual classroom, but rather a [...]

A Key Resource to Individualize Learning

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Innovations in education technology have allowed K-12 and higher education institutions to challenge the status quo and restructure the use of class time. Blended learning has been implemented in classrooms around the world, changing how students learn, and how educators teach by offering more flexible learning approaches with the introduction of technology, engaging [...]

National Distance Learning Week

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The growth and quality of online learning continues to increase in both K-12 and Higher Education, but maintaining a classroom environment, when possible, for socialization and the personalized oversight of a teacher or professor continues to enrich a student’s overall educational experience, particularly for young children whose parents are in the workplace. [...]

Utilizing Predictive Analytics to Improve Student Outcomes

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The evolution of Student Information Systems (SIS) has brought about many valuable enhancements to support data-driven decisions and improved education outcomes. A comprehensive, well-architected SIS provides institutions the scalability to store vast amounts of student data, including: grades, pace, progress towards graduation, attendance (classroom, work done at home, and time spent online, [...]