It’s All About Data

Published on November 08, 2019
Suppose you could see at a glance, upon logging in to your student information system, the most pertinent information you needed to start your day’s work. Imagine seeing a graphical representation of the data you are most interested in right there on your dashboard, and with one click, navigating directly to that presorted data in the system.  Immediately identify critical areas that need your attention, and get a top-down view of what is going on at all levels of your institution.

Likewise, visualize enabling your entire staff to see a graphic display of the information they need to begin their workday, navigating directly to the data relevant to their roles.  Maestro SIS’s role-based dashboards provide the user with real-time data in a visual manner that enables him/her to prioritize his/her day in a matter of seconds.  Users can detect issues and outliers in student data easily without the need to run multiple queries, revamp and sort through exports, and poke through various systems.

The configuration by the role of Maestro SIS’s dashboards provides users with the daily metrics and performance indicators they care about the most.  Stakeholders and staff can take a look at their dashboards to discover important information such as which students are currently behind pace; lack of communications between faculty and students (and/or their guardians); failure to log-in to the LMS (learning management system) for online courses; which students have past due balances, etc.  The ability to easily identify which students are behind the pace and quickly send them a message, or create individualized strategies to boost their performance is crucial to making sure they do not become at risk of falling so far behind that they drop out, or fail.

Apart from helping students succeed, reviewing dashboard data can also be a source of self-evaluation for an educator.  Having a system in place to provide real-time data can present faculty with their own areas of success or pinpoint when and where they need to make improvements.  For example, if they see that half of one class failed a quiz, they might compare the results with other sections of the same class to evaluate whether they need to do a more thorough review of the lesson for that particular section,  and test again, or provide more time and examples the next time around. Maestro SIS will keep track of how long it’s been since they last contacted a student personally, so they can reach out through email or text right from the system, post a colorful announcement with an attachment on their home page so they’ll see it upon their next login, or make note of a phone conversation they made.

Maestro SIS can provide advisors access to past academic achievement of their advisees, such as competency or standardized test scores, progress towards graduation, or falling grades, discipline issues, and excessive absences – all within a single, consolidated system.  Easy access to student data is essential to an advisor’s role to enable them to make informed decisions. Students look to advisors for long term career guidance and support through the educational process, which can be a heavy responsibility. In order to give informed advice, they need to a broad range of accurate information.  Having a reliable collection of each student’s prior and present academic performance, attendance and discipline records, in conjunction with the use of Maestro SIS’s forms as templates to evaluate their social and emotional development and overall life situation, gives an advisor the full picture they need to help them make the best decision for each student individually.

In order to achieve organizational goals, every department needs to be able to collect and analyze data in real-time to make data-driven decisions. Running multiple reports and digging through large volumes of data takes away valuable time that could best be used to focus on student progress and goals.  Having an integrated S.I.S. in place with dashboard reporting features not only aggregates and organizes the endless data available but also helps support each member of your staff uniquely, with the most important information available to the front and center.  The breadth of data in an integrated SIS is extensive. Maestro SIS gives school leaders and their staff an easy and convenient way of quantifying it.

Maestro SIS’s role-based dashboards empower administrators and educators across the nation in over 50 countries to do their job more efficiently and make the informed decisions necessary to ensure student success.

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