IT/General Services

Maestro SIS is web-based and can be accessed by all major web browsers.

The Maestro SIS platform was rewritten from the ground up as a SaaS solution in 2010, enabling us to offer all our partner institutions a tremendous value with ongoing updates.

Maestro SIS has an API (Application Program Interface) that we can use to exchange data with other third party systems.

Maestro is accessible to people with disabilities & compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act Standard for Accessible Design.

Maestro is fully compliant with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, and the Payment Card Industry.

Full mobile site for front-end users to use Maestro on the go!


Step-by-step Application Workflow Wizard customized according to institutional procedure.

Track the status of converting leads to students and learn where to invest more marketing dollars based on reports automatically generated whenever a potential student requests information about your school.

Maestro has a built-in document management system for uploading, viewing, and printing of student documentation as part of the admissions process.

Automated message templates can be sent, via email, at certain stages of the admissions process.

All communications made from Maestro SIS are tracked and copied to the recipient’s Maestro inbox, as well as the recipient’s reply. Outgoing SMS texts and email messages are also tracked in a log, so pertinent staff members can refer back to records.

Students can view a public-facing course catalog and request courses during the application process.

Course Management

Multiple attendance options for blended learning:

  • Online Attendance – ported over from the LMS
  • Offline attendance – can be submitted by parents in states which permit it
  • Manual Classroom Attendance
  • Students can be scanned in with their ID cards

Grades can be excluded per student, and set per course section. Grading scales can be both weighted and unweighted.

View the real time academic progress of each student, and of the population at large, so issues can be identified and timely action can be taken. Faculty can view students pace and send them personalized templates reminding them to stay up to date with assignments.

This tool supports personalized & competency based learning by allowing high achieving students to advance on coursework. Maestro SIS pacing enables faculty to stay abreast of each student’s progress.

Seating assignments are easier than ever with Maestro’s graphical view.

Faculty can let students & parents know when they are available for conferences and front-end users can schedule at their convenience

Schedule and manage external testing for students.

Test types can be set up and scores recorded as a part of each student’s record.

For the blended and online classes, faculty and students can single-sign-on to their LMS or content providers directly in Maestro.


Maestro’s communications module acts as a typical email server. Two-way embedded communications with full HTML email functionality.

Back-end users can post an announcement or event that users will see upon login – target a specific class, a group of students, or the entire school, with the option to allow replies from recipients.

Administrators can track teacher and advisor contact with each student. A system alert can be created to notify the teacher/advisor when contact is overdue.

Email forms and templates are highly configurable and activated within one or two clicks.

Notifications can be sent to users automatically based on a system parameter. For example, when a student is behind pace by more than 2 assignments, a message can be sent to remind them to catch up.

Create groups of students by type, grade level, disability, state – you name it, and send them a message, update them, promote them, report a disciplinary event, or perform other group actions of your choice

All outgoing emails are logged. “Email status” reveals whether an email was successfully sent, is pending, is sending now, or failed to send.

Maestro users can send SMS text messages. Additionally, automated messages and notifications can be sent via SMS text.


Course Requests can be automated by grade level and students can be bulk enrolled, dropped, transferred, completed or withdrawn.

Bulk import and export is available for almost all objects, and can be carried out from any module. Import and/or edit enrollments, bulk enroll, send messages, and promote students at year-end with just a few clicks. All imports are validated and the results are maintained in Maestro’s document server for audit purposes and data consistency.

When courses are set to complete, the final grades appear on both the grade report and transcripts.

Email forms and templates are highly configurable and activated within one or two clicks.

User controlled access to select screens within each level of the school hierarchy, ensuring that FERPA regulations are met.

Maestro’s Master Scheduler creates campuses, buildings, classrooms and seats and places students and teachers into existing or newly created sections. Multiple ‘trial’ runs can be completed prior to selecting the run that optimizes the students’ and teachers’ schedules.

Record disciplines event and outcomes.

Maestro SIS’s graduation plan is individualized per student, school, group or program & automatically updated upon course completion. This helps students plan their course selections, facilitating requirements tracking for multiple majors and minors.

Registrars LOVE Maestro’s Transcript Analysis – which facilitates keeping students on track for graduation.

Assign & Record Locker Assignments for the Semester.

Student & Parent Portals

Students can request courses during the application process or using the student portal. Suggested courses can be configured here as well.

Parents & Students can view their real time grade, attendance, and pacing information for all current enrollments at anytime.

Access the school calendar and create personal reminders & events to stay on top of your academics!

View school-wide announcements and send messages to school faculty.

Students can access their current online courses with the touch of a button in Maestro, giving great support for blended learning.
Users can make payments online without ever leaving Maestro.
Students and/or parents can view their unofficial transcript at anytime.
Students and/or parents can schedule a teacher conference with just a few clicks.
Maestro SIS offers a number of video tutorials and an onsite user manual on each module.

District/Region/Institution Management

One platform can be used by multiple schools under a single state or district with user controlled access to select screens within each level of hierarchy, ensuring that FERPA regulations are met.

Brand your Maestro implementation with your unique brand for each institution you serve!

Maestro has an organizational hierarchy that allows for functional processes to be unique or to be shared between organizations.

Maestro provides over 300 system parameters that modify certain page views, processes, and tags. These parameters can be overridden per organization and per role.

Users with HTML skills can create your own IEPs, Individual Learning Plans, surveys, teacher evaluations, transcript requests, etc..


Maestro has a very powerful state reporting engine that allows for multiple states in a single database.

Query as often as you like on the grid, or create your own graphical, savable, reports from any field in the entire database that is accessible within your security level and save them in over 20 file formats. Schedule large reports to run periodically.

Maestro SIS provides real-time analytical data from anywhere in the system. The user can navigate from the analytical graph to the actual data on grids or reports. Dashboard widgets are uniquely defined per role.

All data in Maestro is audited at the field level and table level. Data entries and edits are logged with the date, time, user, old value, and new value.

Tuition & Billing

Invoices, payments, & purchase orders are recorded in detail on the ledger.

Maestro SIS can integrate with external payment gateways to allow online payments for tuition & school fees.

Defined payment plans can be offered to the student/guardian.

Coupon codes are used for applying a specific amount of money off of a payment.

Additional Features

Associate books or laptops to a particular course, and scan in their delivery and return.

Documents can be uploaded and securely stored in Maestro’s document server, which resides inside a firewall.

Designated backend users can create fields on the fly with dropdowns, text boxes, etc.