Course Management

Give administrators and faculty the tools to effectively manage course enrollment, grades and attendance, student test data, and more.

Attendance Tracking

Multiple attendance options for blended learning including: manual classroom attendance, online attendance in minutes from LMS, offline attendance in states which permit it, and student ID cards. 

Gradebook & Grading Scales

Grades can be excluded per student, and set per course section. Grading scales can be both weighted and unweighted.

Academic Pacing

View the real time academic progress of each student, and of the population at large, so issues can be identified and timely action can be taken. Faculty can view students pace and send them personalized templates reminding them to stay up to date with assignments.


Faculty Conference Scheduling

Faculty can let students & parents know when they are available for conferences and front-end users can schedule at their convenience.

Test Site & Proctoring

Proctoring site management allows users to schedule external tests for students and manage test sites, test facilitators, test attendance, and special accommodations.

Standardized Test Scores

Test types can be set up and scores recorded as a part of each student’s record.

Multiple LMS Integrations

For the blended and online classes, faculty and students can single-sign-on to their LMS or content providers directly in Maestro.

Seating Assignments

Seating assignments are easier than ever with Maestro’s graphical view.


Record disciplines event and outcomes.

Integrate with other third-party platforms

Learn more about Maestro's integration capabilities