Graduation Planning & Degree Audits

Help students plan their course selections, facilitating requirements tracking for multiple majors and minors.

Transcript Analysis

Transcript Statistics provide an overview of a student’s total earned credits and overall GPA at a glance.

Grade Reports

Create and store grade reports in the Report Card Generation grid. 

Plan of Study

The Plan of Study is individualized per student, school, group or program & automatically updated upon course completion.


Manage gradebook view by grade or outcome/competency. For online courses, gradebook data is updated daily from the LMS.

Grading Scales

Users have the flexibility to create any variety of grading scale per course with options to set a numerical range for each grade, assign weighted and non-weighted GPA values, etc.

Academic Pacing

View the real-time academic progress of each student, and of the population at large, so issues can be identified and timely action can be taken. Faculty can view student’s pace and send them personalized templates reminding them to stay up to date with assignments.

Integrate with other third-party platforms

Learn more about Maestro's integration capabilities

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