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Field and Table Level Audit

All data in Maestro is audited at the field level and table level. Data entries and edits are logged with the date, time, user, old value, and new value. 

Role-based Functionality

Maestro has 18 default roles which can be renamed and configured or customized based on the needs of the organization. A user’s access level can be reconfigured by role, or granularly at the individual level, and fields or pages can be completely restricted or view only.

Certifications Management

Users can create certification records and upload associated documentation of each certificate or degree they have obtained.

Reports Audit

The Audit History lists all changes made to the report, the type of change, and the User ID of the person who made the change.

Forms Audit

Forms are automatically updated in sync with changes to the corresponding data fields in Maestro. Each time a form is saved, a new version is created. All changes are auditable.

Documents Audit

Each record in the Documents Folder includes author, file size, date created, version number, modification date, and the last user to modify the document.

Integrate with other third-party platforms

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