Maestro SIS Admissions

Attract more students with an ADA compliant admissions software built
for large institutions that need flexibility & exponential scalability.

“Maestro has allowed us to go from multiple inefficient systems to one central system. When we didn’t have Maestro we had duplicated data entry, scattered data, and an inefficient course enrollment process across three LMS’s. Now, we can quickly scale our organization to meet our needs and all staff members have access to the most up-to-date student information. Maestro has allowed us to streamline nearly every process we currently do. In years past we had to work in a chain where one person had to do something before the next task could be started. Now, everyone can work at the same time to quickly process student applications and enrollments. Maestro has also allowed us to add a layer of accountability so we can ensure every student is working at an acceptable pace and staff members are responsive to student requests.”

Quaker Digital Academy, Ohio