BocaVox has recently awarded our clients with yet another round of FREE updates and new features focused on increased flexibility to facilitate and personalize the business processes of our users.

Flexible Hierarchical Structure

Maestro Student Information System can support different business rules for multiple organizations and learning models all under a single umbrella. For example, several schools under a state or district, or a group of colleges within a University, can each have their own distinct applications, work flows, branding, reports, grading scales, payments plans, dynamically created fields, graduation paths – you name it – all in one highly scalable database. Admin users can create roles at each level of the hierarchy and define user access by role, or per individual.

Configurable & Customizable

Maestro now has over 300 optional parameters that can easily be enabled or disabled per role and per organization, providing tremendous flexibility to support the ongoing changes that occur with institutional growth.

Enhanced Personalization

More user preferences have been added to Maestro’s interface, allowing the set up of external links and help videos at the school and/or role level, personalized layout of grid columns, and customization of the default main menu settings.

NEW Features

Front End Workflow
Conference Scheduling
Individualized Learning Plans

Proctoring Site Management
Reportable Forms with Workflow
Faculty Journaling

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