National Distance Learning Week

Published on November 07, 2016

The growth and quality of online learning continues to increase in both K-12 and Higher Education, but maintaining a classroom environment, when possible, for socialization and the personalized oversight of a teacher or professor continues to enrich a student’s overall educational experience, particularly for young children whose parents are in the workplace.

The value that the pioneers of online and blended learning have brought to education should be celebrated as we mark National Distance Learning Week, November 7 – 11. Blended learning offers the best of the traditional classroom and online education by providing face to face direct instruction while allowing access to innovative, adaptive digital content and curriculum. This gives access to a broad spectrum of courses to the home-bound, remote areas and small schools or colleges, allowing these students the opportunity to go to greater depths in areas they seek to explore independently. Many of the new technologies developed initially to support digital learning enhance both learning models such as:

  • Online registration vs. standing in a queue
  • 24/7 portals for communications with students and parents, vs. time wasted searching through backpacks and passing in parent’s signatures on test scores
  • Digital record keeping vs. volumes of paper
  • Education technology such as electronic white boards, webcams, and web-conferencing tools for synchronous online courses
  • Increasing the relevance of learning by exposure to more of a real life/real time experience
  • Most importantly, providing a learning environment that appeals to the current generation

National Distance Learning Week is a time to celebrate your accomplishments in digital learning or to get inspired and make strides towards obtaining your goals in distance education. Where does your institution stand today?

Does your institution currently have the technology that can scale to support the administrative needs of exponential growth of online learners, with single-sign-on to and from Learning Management systems, and support for rolling enrollments, or personalized, competency based learning?

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