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Jan 222020

What’s New in Maestro SIS Release 4.1

BocaVox is excited to announce the lastest release of Maestro SIS! Release 4.1 unveils the brand new Competency Learning feature and Gradebook. Several enhancements were made for better usability of existing features such as: CRM and Lead Tracking, Reports Builder, Ledger,  External Enrollments, and more.

  • New Gradebook
    • Manage Gradebook view by grade or outcome/competency
    • Assignment Level Hierarchy
    • Personalize the gradebook per teacher and section
  • New Competency Learning 
    • Import standards and define the desired level of competency for learning using an outcome grading scale
    • Associate assignments to rubrics, with specific outcomes and objectives
    • View student advancement toward mastery in real time
    • Assign grades based on mastery level
    • Automatically assess rubric mastery based on section assignment grades and rubric grading scale
    • Automatically generate lesson plans for a section based on the outcomes and rubrics associated to it
  • Updated Custom Reports Builder
  • Enhancements for Better Usability
    • Assignments
    • Assignment Type
    • Coach to Student Association
    • Grading Scale
  • CRM and Lead Enhancements
    • Student and Guardian information on Lead Form
    • Assign a Lead Agent to a Lead (individually or in bulk)
    • Communication Tracking including Email, SMS, and manually entered notes
    • Leads Calendar to schedule appointments
    • Contact History for Lead Agents
  • Improved Front End Mobile Device Usability
  • External Enrollment Grid now allows filtering and sorting by Term.
  • Automated Message Templates for Marketing Campaigns
    • Based on number of days after lead creation, status of lead changes, and scheduled events
  • Ledger Enhancements
    • Revoke Invoice allows the deletion of invoice(s) created from a Purchase Order as long as their isn’t already a payment made toward that invoice
    • Allow bulk invoice of Purchase Orders with Payment Plans
    • Allow discounts on Purchase Order items
  • Multiple Payment Gateways can be added to a single instance of Maestro with the ability to pay in both Euros and Dollars.
Aug 222018

What’s New in Maestro SIS Release 4.0

BocaVox is excited to announce the newest release of Maestro SIS! Release 4.0 is all about ADA compliance and a newly designed user interface for the front end. There are several other new features and enhancements, including Classroom Scheduling for our brick & mortar institutions.

  • New Front End User Interface is ADA Compliant for accessibility to people with disabilities.
  • Master Scheduler
    Maestro’s Master Scheduler creates campuses, buildings, classrooms and seats and places students and faculty into existing or newly created sections. Multiple ‘trial’ runs can be completed prior to selecting the run that optimizes the students’ and teachers’ schedules.
  • Calendar Enhancements
    Class schedule will automatically show up on a student’s calendar with day/time and classroom (if associated).
  • Bulk Import/Export of LMS credentials
    Clients using Maestro’s API can now bulk import and export LMS credentials.
  • Enhancement to Course Pre-requisites and Co-requisites
    Maestro can now recognize external courses and/or external test scores as a pre-requisite or co-requisite for a course.
  • Enhancements to Special Needs function
  • Grade Range Specification on Course Creation & Plan of Study

COMING SOON in Version 4.1

  • Competency based Report Card / Grading with outcomes mapped to lesson plans
  • CRM Enhancements
  • Gradebook Enhancements
  • Health & Clinic Management
  • Conference/Event Scheduling Enhancements

MORE to come…

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Aug 032017

What’s New in Maestro SIS Release 3.9

BocaVox has recently awarded our clients with yet another round of FREE updates and new features focused on increased flexibility to facilitate and personalize the business processes of our users.

Flexible Hierarchical Structure

Maestro Student Information System can support different business rules for multiple organizations and learning models all under a single umbrella. For example, several schools under a state or district, or a group of colleges within a University, can each have their own distinct applications, work flows, branding, reports, grading scales, payments plans, dynamically created fields, graduation paths – you name it – all in one highly scalable database. Admin users can create roles at each level of the hierarchy and define user access by role, or per individual.

Configurable & Customizable

Maestro now has over 300 optional parameters that can easily be enabled or disabled per role and per organization, providing tremendous flexibility to support the ongoing changes that occur with institutional growth.

Enhanced Personalization

More user preferences have been added to Maestro’s interface, allowing the set up of external links and help videos at the school and/or role level, personalized layout of grid columns, and customization of the default main menu settings.

NEW Features

Front End Workflow
Conference Scheduling
Individualized Learning Plans

Proctoring Site Management
Reportable Forms with Workflow
Faculty Journaling

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Dec 072016

Online Christian Consortium Raises the Bar in Online Learning by Partnering with BocaVox Software Solutions

Westlake Village, CA, December 6, 2016 ( – Oaks Christian Online (OCO), one of the finest college preparatory online schools in the nation and the founding school of the Online Christian Consortium (OCC), has adopted Maestro SIS, by BocaVox as their Student Information System (SIS) and Canvas, by Instructure as their Learning Management System.
BocaVox CEO Sue Diseker comments, “We are thrilled to be partners with top-tier consortiums like the OCC, as they reflect our commitment to excellence and ongoing innovation, and help us achieve our goal of developing technology that raises the bar for education.”

Students from partner schools belonging to the OCC can now take courses through the online program in addition to attending their on-campus classes. The OCC manages both part-time and full-time online students through the Maestro database. The hierarchical architecture of Maestro SIS enables the Online Christian Consortium to offer customized services for different schools, programs and student types – all within a single, user-friendly application. This flexibility will enable OCC to extend partnership opportunities internationally.

“By using innovative online learning technology like Maestro SIS and Canvas, we are able to provide our Partner Schools with the platform to support an engaging and fully accredited college preparatory program,” states Dr. Christy Cleugh, VP of Operations and Curriculum Development at OCO.

The BocaVox and Canvas teams worked together to implement an enhanced integration called a Trust Relationship for schools that have their own Canvas LMS but wish to utilize the OCC courses through Maestro and Canvas.

About Oaks Christian Online
OCO is the founding school of the Online Christian Consortium, a leadership organization of schools committed to theologically engaged, college-preparatory, accredited, online programs. The organization’s vision is that its courses provide an education that uplifts, transforms and inspires students around the world. For more information on The Online Christian Consortium, please visit:

About BocaVox
Founded in 2003, BocaVox developed Maestro SIS, an integrated Student Information System that manages online and blended learning schools and colleges. Maestro SIS is a comprehensive, high performance administrative software that is customizable to meet unique business procedures for K12 and higher education institutions, with features to support individualized learning. For more information, visit