BocaVox provides ongoing updates and enhancements to Maestro SIS with features to keep your system up to date with the most innovative education technology

Jan 262016

Maestro SIS Release 3.8

The BocaVox dev team has been at it again, and we’re ready to shower our users with yet another round of new updates and features. Our biggest and best ever release will be available this spring. Our focus for Release 3.8 is support for Individualized Learning, which we’ll continue to build out in future releases.

This release is by far our largest investment ever in Maestro SIS, with the most outstanding work we have done to date – providing our valued users with an abundance of powerful new capabilities, including the ability to bulk upload tens of thousands of records in fewer than five minutes. Additionally, we made major changes to the Maestro SIS infrastructure to enable us to respond to many requests mid-release.

A few of the new and improved features include a new front enrollment wizard; individualized plan of study; individual forms for use as Individualized Learning Plans; proctor site management; teacher conference scheduler; and associating multiple coaches per student – and the list goes on…

Jan 262016

Maestro SIS Release 3.7

We are pleased to announce the newest Maestro release 3.7.0, which includes several enhancements and features, including intelligent dashboards, workflow and ledger enhancements. Please let us know what you think of Maestro’s facelift.

The new features were derived from employing new technology resulting from our team’s continual drive to innovate, and namely from listening to you, our valued partners! Our goals are to help you perform your job more efficiently, and to enable you to use technology to increase student achievement.

The BocaVox team continues our ongoing efforts to fine tune Maestro SIS- to keep performance scalable. You should notice the difference when navigating 3.7

Dec 292015

BocaVox LLC Provides New Features and Enhanced Usability for MAESTROSIS Users

Weston, FL – July, 2014 BocaVox’s skilled software engineers have pulled out all the stops to include 27 new features and over 100 behind-the-scenes tweaks to make Maestro SIS the most comprehensive, best performing student management system ever. Some highlights include New Enrollment Detail Control, Report Card and Transcript Manager, Shopping Cart feature built into the Ledger, Increased user control in message composition, Organizational Branding, Fillable Forms, and much more. To make this release complete, students and parents can access Maestro SIS on-the-go with Maestro Mobile.

In parallel with the new release, BocaVox dedicated a team to the creation of a State Reporting Engine for multiple states. CEO Sue Diseker commented, “State Reporting was the final component we needed in order to fully serve K12 school districts. Maestro SIS now supports both the traditional classroom model as well as online/blended learning components in a single, centralized Student Information System. Maestro SIS performs the job of multiple separate platforms in a single application. We get our best ideas from listening to the needs of our partner institutions.”

In addition to supporting K12, Maestro acts as middleware between the legacy SIS and the LMS for 19+ colleges and universities.

BocaVox LLC empowers institutions, educators, and students throughout the full student life-cycle, from leads and online enrollment to alumni, by eliminating redundancy and automating administrative tasks. Founded in 2003, BocaVox set the industry standard for customized, web-based student management systems with Maestro SIS. The key to BocaVox’s success is product excellence and immediate customer support.

MAESTRO SIS is a cloud-hosted, SaaS solution for the efficient management of Online and Blended Learning Institutions. Its dynamic capabilities include user-created fields and forms and robust graphical reports on any field in the database. Other features include lead tracking; online admissions; course enrollment; simultaneous interfaces to multiple LMSs; academic pacing; gradebook; both online and physical classroom attendance log with attendance scanner; multiple communication tools including SMS text messaging, announcements board, and internal and external email; classroom scheduling; and bulk updates, to name a few.

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Dec 292015

MAESTROSIS – Industry Leading Student Information System Keeps Getting Better!

Weston, FL – March, 2013 – BocaVox, LLC, developers of MAESTRO SIS, announces release 3.4 of their cloud hosted Student Information System, Maestro SIS, a SaaS solution.

BocaVox is known for its practice of reinvesting in new development to fuel ongoing new features and updates to keep Maestro SIS evolving with the dynamically changing education industry.

“We seek to give our clients the most game-changing technology and are excited to share a plethora of new enhancements and upgrades based on the industry’s best practices,” said Sue Diseker, CEO of BocaVox. “Clients are raving about both the quality and the quantity of new enhancements we have packed into each release, and especially this release 3.4.”

In addition to supporting full student life cycle management, a major enhancement is the newAccounting Package which provides clients with a robust accounting system. “We have introduced the concept of hierarchical accounting which is a powerful and unique way of tracking and consolidating revenues specific to multi-tiered organization environments such as state or district education providers, or consortiums of colleges and universities,” said Dr. Jose Sabat, CTO.

The Infrastructure has been expanded to support unique applications for different schools, programs, and student types, as well as adding new roles and multiple bulk reporting capabilities. Other updates in the past year include: Dynamic Field Creation, Dynamic Forms, SMS Text Messaging, Grouping, beautiful Graphical Ad Hoc Reporting of any field in the database, and two-way communications to name a few.

About BocaVox

BocaVox, LLC was founded in 2003, setting the industry standard for customized, web-based student management systems. MAESTRO SIS was the first commercially available student information system for online education, and BocaVox was the originator of communications and pacing modules, now in use by many. Maestro SIS supports thousands of K12 and Higher Education institutions in online, blended, and brick and mortar models. BocaVox is a high-tech company that upholds traditional values when it comes to customer service, and goes the extra mileto support client needs in a timely manner. The key to BocaVox’s success is product excellence and customer satisfaction.

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