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Maestro SIS was the original Student Information System designed to support the unique needs of online learning back in 2003. Since then, we have continually invested in new development to stay ahead of industry trends and support the unique needs of over 9,600 partner institutions worldwide.

BocaVox can ramp up your institution’s digital program by quickly enrolling your students and faculty with single sign on to their online courses in the LMS and providing them with a centralized platform to easily access their entire learning ecosystem from anywhere.

Administration Needs

Automate manual processes, streamline administrative tasks, and gain full oversight of all the data you need to effectively manage your institution.

Data Management

Collect and analyze data in real-time to make data-driven decisions. Immediately identify critical areas that need your attention, and get a top-down view of what is going on at all levels of your institution.

Lead Tracking

Track the status of converting leads to students and learn where to invest more marketing dollars based on reports automatically generated whenever a potential student requests information about your school.

Admissions & Enrollment

Streamline the admissions process with customized application workflows, online forms creation, automated message templates, and payment processing. Students can be bulk enrolled, dropped, transferred, completed or withdrawn.


Improve communication and engagement across your entire institution with announcements, SMS texts, personalized email templates, and automated notifications. Administrators can track faculty contact with each student as well. A system alert can be created to notify the teacher when contact is overdue.


With powerful and flexible reporting functionality, administrators can create any report they desire. Standard Maestro reports categorize data for analysis by department, or users can create their own custom reports with ease. Our powerful state reporting engine allows for multiple states in a single database.

Faculty Management

Identify faculty members based on their qualification and skills. Maestro stores important academic and professional data for each faculty member, such as, associated academic degrees, certificates, current sections and enrollments and much more.

Faculty and Staff Needs

Give teachers the tools they need to stay abreast of academic progress in both online and/or classroom learning, in a single, user friendly application that will increase their efficiency.  


Record online attendance as the number of minutes a student spent working in the Learning Management System.
Offline attendance is offered in states which permit it, for non-traditional courses such as electives and physical education.

Academic Pacing

View the real time academic progress of each student, and of the population at large, so issues can be identified and timely action can be taken. Faculty can easily identify which students are behind pace and send a personalized email template reminding them to stay up to date with assignments.


Save valuable time with an intuitive online gradebook. Input grades quickly and share with students and families in real time.  For online courses, gradebook data is updated daily from the LMS. Maestro provides great flexibility in grading scales, GPAs, and transcripts.


Boost student retention with effective communication capabilities to enable easy and frequent personalized engagement. With internal and external email, SMS texts, and automated notifications, it’s easier than ever to keep in touch.


Create groups of students by type, grade level, disability, state – you name it, and send them a message, update them, promote them, report a disciplinary event, or perform other group actions of your choice.


Educators can create as many assignment types as they please and associate them to specific course sections. Assignment types categorize assignments and partition them into marking periods.

Student & Parent Portals

Manage all aspects of the educational experience anytime, anywhere with a user-friendly, ADA-compliant interface optimized for desktop and mobile view.

Grades, Attendance & Pacing

Parents & Students can view their real time grades, attendance, and pacing information for all current enrollments. Maestro provides an overview of a student’s total earned credits, standard average grades, and overall GPA at a glance.

Plan of Study

The Plan of Study is individualized per student, school, group or program & automatically updated upon course completion. Also known as graduation planning, this feature helps students plan their course selections based on program requirements for multiple majors and minors.

Request Courses

Students can view the institution’s course catalog and request courses during the application process or using the student portal. Suggested courses can be configured here as well, including pre- and co- requisites.


Maestro’s communications module acts as a typical email server and allows students and parents to send internal messages to school faculty.  Users will see any school-wide announcements upon login as well.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Students can access their online courses with the touch of a button in Maestro, allowing secure and seamless access to the LMS without the need to enter login credentials multiple times. SSO provides great support for blended and remote learning.

Pay School Fees

Users can make secure payments towards tuition or other institutional fees online without ever leaving Maestro. The Ledger allows schools and families to keep track of charges, credits and payments to the student’s account.

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