Two-Step Your Way Out of the Staffing Shortage

Published on August 30, 2021

It’s no secret that the job market has become an employees’ market. Learning Institutions are challenged with attracting new talent with an increased cost in wages to retain existing employees, particularly for entry level positions and tech positions. Before the Pandemic, administrators were already concerned with engaging and retaining job-hopping Millennials [1], but the competition from unemployment wages, a change in values, and the widespread failure to return to the work place since the onset of the pandemic have exacerbated the problem. Small to medium sized schools have been hit the hardest, operating without the resources to compete with large monopolies or heavily endowed institutions that offer huge financial incentives to attract candidates.

If your institution is struggling to hire and/or retain talent, perhaps it’s time to rethink how you can automate processes that are being performed manually by your educators and administrative support staff. It only takes two steps to resolve the issue:  


Identify where employees are devoting the majority of their time. Is it completing laborious tasks?  Registration? Enrollment? Scheduling? Invoicing? Which processes can be streamlined? 
What if the answer were
all of the above


Find the tech tools that can relieve these bottlenecks, allowing your existing staff to perform with greater efficiency and increased satisfaction. Your staff can focus on completing more engaging tasks and let your SIS do all the busy work by automating the processes, yielding more accurate results with greater speed. 

What if your faculty can be freed from having to spend time entering grades or data in two places? What if they could single sign-on to perform all their duties from a single, centralized HUB, that is fully integrated instead of having to sign in and out of multiple applications?
A centralized Student Information System can relieve your staff of rote tasks and empower them to support a larger number of students, enabling the institution to pay them more, and reduce the endless search for additional talent, resulting in a win/win. 

Former educator Ari Nemser states, “When listening to schools and colleges talk about their administrative processes, I’m amazed at how much time they’re spending, filling in the gaps left by costly, antiquated tools that require them to perform jobs which could be fully automated by a well designed Student Information System! Likewise, they become amazed to learn that there is an existing system which could enable them to accomplish much more, in much less time.” 

Maestro SIS by BocaVox recently enabled a large Adult Ed Institution to fully automate their processes. Before Maestro, they were paying for multiple inefficient systems and still using pen and paper to perform several everyday administrative tasks.  Now as staff members retire or resign, the school will be able to carry on without the need to replace them.  

Save time and money on these two steps – Contact BocaVox at to learn about Maestro SIS, the Hub of the Learning Universe. 


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