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Guaranteed Uptime

Countries with students using Maestro SIS to single sign -on to their online courses

of Affiliations can be managed under the umbrella of 1 Institution

Years supporting Online and Blended Learning

Parameters allow a solution tailored to your instution, reducing the need for costly customizations.

Powerful, flexible, and 100% web based

School administration SIS platform

Real time analytical reporting

Get detailed and reliable data most pertinent to your role with the click of a button.
School administration SIS platform

Competency and individualized learning

Manage students who are progressing at their own pace.

School administration SIS platform

Communication tools for student retention

Improve student retention rates by opening up and increasing lines of communication.
School administration SIS platform

Open to 3rd-party integration

Integrate with external platforms with 2-way data transfers and single sign on (SSO)
School administration SIS platform

Customizable, cloud-hosted SaaS

Tailored solutions for every client without the need for costly or unnecessary customizations.
School administration SIS platform

Enterprise-level Education Management

Manage hundreds of schools and programs with unique business rules all in a single database.

Integrate with other third-party platforms

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