Maestro SIS: Enterprise Student Information System Software

  • Supports the full student life cycle, from lead tracking and enrollment management to alumni.

  • Administrators, Faculty, and Students can manage all aspects of their educational experience from a centralized, user-friendly interface that can be integrated with single-sign on to other third party systems.
  • A cloud-hosted SaaS solution that includes powerful reporting capabilities with a highly configurable, customizable student information system supporting the business processes unique to each institution.

Competency and Individualized Learning

Competency and Individualized Learning

Management Tools for students progressing at their own pace.

Communication Tools for Student Retention

Integration to External Platforms

Customizable, Cloud Hosted SaaS

Customizable, Cloud Hosted SaaS with ongoing updates

A tailored solution per client without the need for costly customizations.

MAESTRO SIS: By the Numbers

Some Key Metrics in choosing a Student Information System – Reliability, Scalability, and Configurable to the unique challenges faced by your institution daily.

Brick and mortar, online, and blended learning schools and universities in 46 countries
Records uploaded in a minute or less
Guaranteed uptime with the highest level of data security & compliance. The reliability you need to support 24/7/365 accessibility.
Parameters allows a solution tailored to your institution, reducing the need for costly customizations.

We Love our Users, And They Love Us

Client satisfaction is our top priority! Check out what our users are saying about Maestro Student Information System!

Working with the dedicated folks at BocaVox LLC has been an invaluable experience in collaborative educational innovation. Offering management services to over 200 accredited K-12 schools, we wanted to ensure that our educators—and the students, parents, and communities we serve—had access to the best possible methods of monitoring student success, identifying academic problems before they become crises, and ensuring that all stakeholders are informed, knowledgeable, and invested in the ultimate achievement of our learners. Maestro SIS, has provided us with much more than just monitoring and reporting features. Their team has worked tirelessly with us to customize their system to our needs, providing us with specialized pathways for grouping and communicating with students through our motivational and community-building endeavor and creating unique supervisory roles for educational professionals not previously available through a traditional brick-and-mortar mindset. The Maestro SIS team has not only been responsive and gracious with their time and energy but major contributors in helping us think most clearly through potential issues and problems, and of course, proactive solutions. They have ceased to be vendors and have truly become strategic partners and peers.

As a Bocavox customer, I know my concerns will always be addressed and my satisfaction valued. Now, as we grow, I am confident we have an SIS that will address and support that growth, leaving me the time and energy to focus more on the success of my students and the future of the institution.

Doral College
BocaVox’s customer service is the best I have ever dealt with.  They have worked extensively to provide us with a level of customization that we simply could not find with any other SIS.
BocaVox has always been there for us, through thick and thin, even though we have changed content providers 3 times in 3 years, had tremendous growth and a lot of turnover. We know we can always reach someone from BocaVox – even nights and weekends – to take care of our needs, and whenever we need something, it’s always URGENT! Unusually it’s just to fix something we did in a hurry and messed up, or to build a new report that the state is demanding – and you always come through for us! Your forms made it possible for us to get rid of 3 other systems. We never could have gotten to 50,000 enrollments without Maestro to take care of all the work we were doing by hand before we had BocaVox on our team!
Goal Academy
We are using Maestro Performer by BocaVox, LLC.  We have used it since 2009 and I am extremely satisfied with it!  I would definitely recommend Maestro. Here are some of the reasons why:

1) Almost 100% uptime

2) Fantastic service after sale

3) Ability to customize their product to the need of our statewide virtual school

4) Ability to build successful integrations

5) Problem-solving: If you bring a business process to them with which you are struggling, they will do their best to provide possible solutions to you.

6) Ability to update and upgrade: They can run simple new releases almost seamlessly with a minimum of downtime. For major product upgrades, they will work with you to schedule a time that works best for your school.

Illinois Virtual School
It has been an absolute pleasure working with your team to get our instance of Maestro SIS up and running. Given our timeline, budget constraints and need for customization, it was nothing short of miraculous that your team has been able to deliver on time and within budget.

We are excited about the ongoing improvements and features that are constantly being added to the system, and appreciate the immediate support we always get from your team. You guys are geniuses when it comes to finding solutions to difficult problems!

Mavericks in Education
…Thanks for your individual work with us.  You’ve helped us triple in size this year and prepare for a new year… that should double again.  Thank you!
Oaks Christian

In Addition to Key SIS Features, There Are Plenty More

  • Admissions and Payments

  • CRM

  • Course Enrollments

  • Single Sign On to LMS

  • User Created Fields and Forms

  • Scheduling

  • Academic Pacing

  • Automated Report Cards and Transcripts

  • Gradebook

  • Field Level Audit

  • Communications

  • Graduation Planning

  • Robust Statistical Reporting with Analytics

  • Inventory Management

  • API- for Two Way Data Integration

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